Best Novelty Toys for Men

Men love playing with toys just as much as boys and a wide range of novelty toys have been created especially for men. These items make great gifts for men who have a good sense of humor and want to get in touch with their younger side once more. Here is a selection of some of the best novelty toys for men that are available to choose right now.

Gamebox Lunch Box

Men who receive this cool novelty lunch box as a gift will never complain about having to take their lunch to work again. The lunch box has been created in the style of a popular game box and is sure to appeal to any man who has a love for playing video games.

Stress Boobs

As most men are sure to know, playing with a pair of boobs is a great way to relieve stress. Men will be able to make sure that they always have a pair of boobs to hand when you present them with a novelty pair. They are made fro latex and filled with gel for a very realistic feel.

Water Balloon Catapult

imageNo matter how old they are, no man could resist having fun with this novelty toy. There are numerous different ways that the water balloon catapult can be used, which means that hours of fun can be had with it. Everything that is required except for the water is supplied including full instructions.

Mini Tabletop Pool Table

Most men enjoy playing pool, but finding enough space to play can often be a bit of a challenge. This is easily solved with this miniature pool table that can easily fit into a tabletop so that men can take it with them whether they go to kill time in those dull moments that crop up from time to time.