Finding Novelty Toys For Men

Shopping for most men is notoriously difficult and it is often hard to tell what will appeal to them. You can take the pressure out of purchasing presents for men very easily by choosing to give them a novelty toy that is sure to put a smile on their face. Here are some of the best novelty toys for men that are available to buy right now.

Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe

de79_star_wars_jedi_dressing_grownMen can have fun embracing the force with this Jedi bathrobe. Anyone who is a fan of Star Wars is sure to love this and it is a great way to add an extra element of fun to bedtime.

The Ultimate Geek Pen

Men of all ages can have fun geeking out with this pen that is so nerdy it is actually cool. It is packed with gadgets and gizmos that any man will have fun with such as a special UV light that can be used to detect counterfeiting, a laser pointer that can be used when making presentations, a flexible rod and flashlight for extra illumination and a stylus tip that works on digital touchscreens.

The Pussy Magnet

Men who have a reputation for being a bit of a hit with the ladies are sure to enjoy the irony of this practical and fun novelty gift. This is an actual magnet that has been created in the shape of a pussy cat and means that each and every man who receives one will be able to use it to unlock his pulling potential.

Tetris Light

Any man who grew up playing Tetris is sure to love this bright and bold novelty light. This is sure to look fantastic on the table in a man cave and features a colourful block design that perfectly captures the fun of playing a game of Tetris.