Novelty Gifts for Seniors

Older people like to laugh and have fun just as much as anyone else and presenting them with a novelty gift is sure to put a smile on their face and a spring in their step. However, it should be noted that older people tend to favor gifts that lean towards the practical side of things. Here are some examples of novelty gifts that senior are sure to love.


velour open toe slippers - Royal BlueYou can make sure that the feet of your favorite grandmother of grandfather stay toasty and warm by giving them a pair of novelty slippers. There are lots of different types of novelty slippers to choose from such as cute dogs and cats and even racing cars so that there is sure to be something in the range to appeal to everyone.

Wall Clocks

A novelty wall clock is the perfect addition to any home and this is a great gift for older people. Novelty clocks that feature symbols instead of numbers provide an interesting twist to a familiar theme. Souvenir wall clocks are a great gift to bring an older person when you come back from vacation.


Novelty mugs are always great gifts for seniors as most older people enjoy a nice cup of tea. Of course, these are almost no limits to the types of novelty mugs that are available to choose from and you can have fun selecting the perfect style of novelty mug for your favorite senior.

Novelty Aprons

The cook is never too old to be kissed, as the bold message on a novelty apron can attest. Novelty aprons also come with a range of other humorous messages that may make you look at granny in a whole new way if she chooses to wear it and gets busy in the kitchen while proudly displaying her new sassy message.