Novelty Mugs in Ireland

Novelty mugs make a great gift for people of all ages as they are both decorative and practical at the same time. Irish novelty mugs come in a wide range of fun designs that make great souvenir items that people who receive them are also sure to enjoy using. A wide range of very affordable novelty mugs have been created for you to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular examples…

Leprechaun Mug

39aed6c66deda7315e1650975a9d043dThe instantly recognizable image of the Irish leprechaun makes the perfect adornment for a mug. The leprechaun is usually seen wearing a green suit and top hat and the image can also be adorned with shamrocks all around it to enhance the Irish theme even more.

Celtic Mugs

There are lots of traditional Celtic designs that have been modernized to form the decoration on mugs. These colorful designs make great novelty mug images and are ideal for anyone who wants to draw attention to their Irish heritage and these mugs can be purely decorative or actually used, and they’ll think of you every time they take a sip.

Guinness Mugs

Anyone who enjoys drinking Guinness is sure to love receiving a Guinness mug. Even when they are simply sipping a cup of tea or coffee they will be reminded that the magic of their next taste of black gold is not too far away.

Black Sheep Mugs

Anyone who feels like they do not really fit in is sure to love one of the special novelty black sheep mugs. The black sheep is a traditional Irish symbol for anyone who stands out from the crowd and people who own a black sheep mug will be able to celebrate their independence and uniqueness every time that they take a drink of their favorite beverage.