Terrific Independence Day Novelty Gifts

Independence Day is the perfect time to give gifts and celebrate in style. Novelty gifts can be given on Independence Day to people of all ages to celebrate this very special occasion. Here are some of the most popular types of Independence Day novelty gifts to choose from.

Patriot Flag Sandals

british_flag_flip_flops-r1b0930d96e2a4eeab2600cb5a49333dd_jhur8_324It’s really time to celebrate when you step out in a pair of brightly coloured and fun patriot sandals. They are printed in the colours of the American flag and are ideal for this sunny time of year. Of course, they come in a wide range of sizes so that the whole family can get in on the fun and celebrate in style together.

The American Flag Top Hat

The party will really get started when someone turns up in this famous top hat printed with the stars and stripes. This is the perfect gift for people who enjoy being the center of the attention and this hat is perfect for a fancy dress party.

Uncle Sam T-Shirts

Uncle Sam wants YOU to celebrate Independence Day in style and this special t-shirt is sure to stir plenty of patriotic feelings. This is the perfect garment to wear on Independence Day and any red blooded American who receives it is sure to love this special novelty gift.

Bumper Stickers

People who are truly patriotic and not afraid to show it are sure to love receiving a novelty Independence Day bumper sticker. This is a great gift for the special day and can be used to spread patriotic feelings throughout the rest of the year as well.

American Flag Pins

American flag pins are the perfect novelty item to wear on Independence Day. Depending on the style of the wearer, these pins can be large and bold or small and subtle and are the ideal way to celebrate all things American.