The Best Novelty Gifts In Ireland

The Irish love to laugh and give each other presents and, as a result, a wide range of different types of novelty gifts have been created. These special novelty gifts perfectly capture the Irish sense of fun and are designed to be relatively cheap so that they can be given at any time and by anyone. Let’s take a look at some of the best novelty gifts in Ireland and the types of people that they are likely to appeal to.

Top of the Morning Irish Fun Hat

This bright and bold green felt hat is the perfect item to wear to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and makes a great gift for anyone of Irish origin. Anyone who wears one of these St Patrick’s Day hats is sure to be the life and soul of the party and of course they can also be worn on a wide range of other types of occasions.

Irish Drinking T-Shirt

8632Special Irish drinking t-shirts are the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys a drink or two. They come printed with a wide range of fun drinking phrases and are ideal to wear anytime that you want to have a tipple to celebrate.

Shot Glasses

Irish shot glasses are great as both a collector’s item as well as a novelty gift for anyone who enjoys drinking shots and wants to share the experience with their nearest and dearest.

Shamrock Print Socks

Socks make a great novelty gift as they are both cheap and practical. Anyone who receives a pair of socks that are emblazoned with shamrocks is sure to appreciate this great gift and they are ideal to wear on dull days when you need a bit of a pick me up. The design of these shamrock novelty socks can be bright and bold or subtle depending on the taste of the person receiving them.