The Perfect Novelty Baby Shower Gifts

Baby-Shower-Gift-BasketA baby charm is a very special piece of jewelry that makes the perfect baby shower gift. The baby charm is designed to fit onto a charm bracelet that is created with several clasps or spaces where a number of different baby charms can be attached. The first baby charm will often be presented along with the charm bracelet while the baby may receive new baby charms on special occasions such as their birthday and Christmas.

Baby shower charms can be presented by friends of the family during a baby shower that is held to welcome the new baby. During baby showers, many of the guests may decide to get together to choose different baby charms that can be added to the baby’s charm bracelet so that the bracelet is full of baby charms soon after the baby has been born.

There is a wide range of different types of baby charms to choose from. Many of these baby charms represent an image of childhood such as a baby’s bottle, a rattle or a teddy bear. The stork is an image that has been associated with babies for many years and many types of gold baby charms represent a stork delivering a newly born baby. People who want to follow through on the Irish theme can also choose traditional Irish images such as the shamrock, leprechaun, and a horseshoe for good luck.

A baby name charm is another popular type of baby charm that features the name of the baby in a particular font. This type of baby charm is usually created especially for the baby, which makes it even more special. Baby charms are ideal for baby boys and baby girls and these days, many baby charms come with a blank space where the date of birth of the new baby can be added along with other personal details if desired.