Top Ideas for Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts are ideal for any occasion and tend to be smaller items that are also rather inexpensive. This makes them ideal for people of all ages and from all walks of life. If you are looking for the perfect present for someone who has a good sense of humor, check out these top ideas for novel gifts.

Fart Extinguisher

61xR+OGOzYL._SY355_This scaled down handheld extinguisher has been made especially for dealing with the smell produced from letting rip. This makes the perfect joke present for both men and women who are known for trumping every once in a while.

Swear Box

Anyone who is known for letting off too many f-bombs can really benefit from this special swear box. This is a great novelty gift for families that are looking for a way to keep their language under control and the money that is collected in the box can be put to good use later.

Money Toilet Roll

This type of toilet roll is sure to make toilet trips more entertaining. Anyone who has ever wanted to experience the feeling of wasting money in the most luxurious way will really get a kick out of this toilet roll that has been printed featuring a money design.

Disco Washing up Sponge

Add a little extra glamour to washing the dishes with a novelty washing up sponge. People who have a love for disco are sure to love the disco doll design. However, there are also lots of different styles of washing up sponges to choose from.

Wine Bottle Glass

People who enjoy a drink or two but get bored with constantly having to top up their wine glass will love this novelty solution. The glass has been created to hold an entire bottle of wine so that you can stick to just that one glass with no trouble.