What are Novelty Gifts?

Novelty-Gifts-thank-you-gift-ideasA novelty gift is a special item that is designed for fun rather than practical purposes. Novelty gifts usually have a humorous message behind them and are sure to make the person who receives the gift smile. However, novelty items such as mugs and slippers can also be used in a practical way while also featuring a fun and interesting design that people of all ages will love.

Novelty gifts are usually rather small in size and therefore can be used as stocking fillers at Christmas and as an addition to a larger Christmas, birthday or anniversary present. Novelty gifts also make great presents to give to friends and family members after someone has been on vacation and they often feature a connection to the vacation destination that the person has just returned from.

A wide range of different types of items can be called novelty such as executive toys for big boys, gadgets, and collectables. Many toys for adults are often classed as novelties; as these days, adults are not commonly associated with using toys. Items that are not commonly seen or used, such as retro items, may also be classed as novelties.

The interesting thing about novelty items is that they can become much more popular at a later time when they catch on. For example, the Frisbee and the Hula Hoop were first classed as novelty items when they were launched, although these days they are extremely popular among people all around the world and therefore they are no longer really classed as novelty items.

Some popular examples of novelty gifts that are purely decorative rather than being useful include pet rocks, the drinking bird, and slinkies. In many cases, these novelty gifts are also collector’s items and many people go to great lengths to track specific ones down.